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Better Than A Diet


Whatever the motivation to lose weight, keep in mind a general principle: life changes implemented should be final.



Schematically, much better than a diet to follow, here is a process in several stages:


 1) Refuse aggressively and permanently follow any restrictive diet "miracle" which provides a phase of "attack" and "consolidation" with "reintroduction" of food;


 2) Being reasonable in the goal : the body is a "complex machine" and brutalized by desperate to lose 10, 15 or 20 kilos only aggravates the situation over time;


 3) Assess the current food situation : you nibble? Do you have other eating disorders? Do you eat too much hidden fat? Are you eating beyond hunger?



 4) Implement a progressive dietary rehabilitation program starting with the basics: do all to stop snacking, reduce hidden excess fat, eat at meals following the sensations of hunger and satiety;


 5) Increase your physical activity " moving on every occasion ."


This approach is certainly less attractive than all the techniques proposed to lose weight fast. But it has the advantage of avoiding the terrible "yoyo phenomenon", so devastating for the body.


You can at least stop gaining weight and most likely lose some weight over the long term. While this weight loss does not necessarily achieve the weight you want initially, be aware that it is generally sufficient to significantly improve the quality of life.



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